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Kinder m8 launches temperature check feature to support the health of children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Team Kinder m8 feel very strongly about supporting the community so being fortunate enough that we can offer extra assistance to centres during this time is something we feel privileged to do during this unforeseen time.

What You Need to Know:
– Kinder m8 is launching a temperature check feature to support centres monitoring children’s health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

– To further support the wider community Kinder m8 is opening up opportunities for external centres to access a customised subscription of the daily charts including the temperature check during the time of the pandemic to assist services to track the children’s general routines but especially their health.
Kinder m8 has been working hard to develop this exclusive temperature check to support and enable centres to monitor the health of the children in their care.
The benefits of this feature will assist with monitoring temperatures throughout the day to ensure centres are able to easily record and minimise illness within the service.

This feature will be available within the Kinder m8 Portal from Monday 23rd March 2020.


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