Comprehensive Support

This do-it-all, multi-featured tool has all your admin solutions in one place: program plans, learning stories, observations, messaging, parent engagement, sign-in/out and reporting.

Voice to Type

To activate this facility, just click on the microphone icon next to the relevant field. With this switched on, when you speak, the system will type your talk to keep you hands-free.

Access Anywhere

Pull up the platform on any device, from any location. With access to this easy-to-navigate software, parents aren’t just spectators; they’re also your colleagues and contributors.

Easy use

Our software can perform complicated tasks, but when it comes to usability, we’ve kept it simple. With a seamless learning curve, all you have to do is get started.

Private and Secure

Kinder M8’s interactive features support secure and private communication. Secure (SSL) encrypted and password protected, only parents can access their child’s account.


Kinder M8 facilitates simple, efficient and real-time digital documentation. Use the power of technology to streamline the pain points of your admin and get more time on your side.

Digital Signature Support

Don’t put pen to paper, instead, action safe and convenient digital signatures. Staff can easily create and authorise consent forms on web or mobile.

Customer Support

If you get stuck and need some support, switch on our video tutorials or reference our user guides to resolve your issue. If it still doesn’t make sense, call our team of consultants.

Mobile Apps

We’ve purpose-built and perfected our apps, so they work flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices. Each interface is intuitive and features easy navigation.

Child Profile

Record important information about each child for quick and easy-reference. This includes personal information, allergy/medical details and emergency contacts.

Allergies & Special Conditions

Record allergies, dietary requirements and any other medical conditions all in one place. Print and place these reports so everyone are aware of the children with allergies & special medical conditions.

Child Documents

Upload any type of document to a child’s file. Educators can then collect and combine this information and generate a comprehensive report, or just reference one particular detail.

Emergency Contacts

Itemise the contacts for different categories such as collection, medical, emergency and excursion. This information is readily available for the educators to view when there’s an emergency.

Incident Report

Record any illness or incident that happens at your centre with one click. Detail how, when and where the event occurred and capture online signatures as well as upload photos into your report as evidence.

Photo Album

Manage and organise all photos. All images of the child is available for families to view and download.

Incident/Medication Log

The dashboard in this new tab will assist you by categorising and printing reports for incident/medication forms by date and specification.

Parent Notes

This hub lets you send and receive personal messages. From parent to educator, or vice-versa, communicate about each child in a quick memo or longer letter.

Medication Monitoring

Parent’s can request to administer or apply prescribed or non-prescribed medications from the app before they drop the child to the centre. Educators can then authorise the request and manage the medication.

Reminder Prompts

Rely on this feature to help you remember child-specific details. Record and track reminders for anything from immunisation dates, medication, to birthdays so that you don’t miss anything.

Asthma Forms

This digital document acts as a record for educators to reference when they need to administer and manage medication.

Transition to School

Create a profile and portfolio around each child’s preschool learning and development. These particulars can then be passed onto their new school to aid in individual understanding.

Program Plan

Get a big picture perspective of each child’s learning and development experiences, whether planned or spontaneous. Programmed experiences provide a structure around all insights gained from observations, learning stories, newsfeed and journal entries. This automation allows educators to focus on delivering premium practice, instead of wasting precious time on tedious paperwork

Focus Planning & Recommendations

This tool allows educators and admin personnel to get an accurate picture of how they’re complying with centre programs. It also guides educators around which parts of the program they need more focus on, as well as which children need extra consideration in regards to particular programs.

Learning stories

This is a NexGen tool in Kinder m8. This customisable template allows educators to record learning activities with audio, video recordings, children drawings as well as links to YouTube.


Input individual and group observations to monitor how each child experiences activities. By gauging learning and development, this information can help shape future planning, aid in working with mentors and link to quality standards, curriculum and goals.

Quality Improvement Plan

While a QIP is an integral process, building and maintaining it is laborious. Kinder m8 QIP tool takes the tiresome out of this process by seamlessly connecting a self-assessment action with your QIP. Using this smart tool, QIP is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Daily Journal

Curate quick and easy activity reports that can also act as the foundation of your curriculum. Use photos, reflections and learning tags to create a story of each child’s interests and daily learnings. Give families regular insights into their child’s experience.

Development Milestones

Celebrate developmental milestones in keeping with the EYLF/NQS. Across physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, link directly to outcomes. Parents can view milestones and rest assured knowing their child is on track, or flag and act on issues.

Teacher m8 App

Teacher m8 revolutionises the way educators interact with Kinder m8. It ensures a faster and more efficient way for educators to complete daily tasks such as daily charts and newsfeeds.

News Feed

Share a snapshot of activities, post and tag pics, videos and upcoming events. Users can like and comment but only posts tagged with their child’s name will pop up each parent’s feed.

Meal Entries

Configure and confirm weekly menu sets for each meal time. The daily chart feature lets educators record all information in one click. Parents can track their child’s eating pattern via the portal or app.

Bottle Feed entries

Manage and record all the specifics about bottle feeding for each baby in your centre. Record type of milk, consumption level and who fed which baby at what time.

Sleep/Rest Entry

This is the space to record when and how long each child slept and rested throughout the day. Parents can get up to speed with their child’s sleep details via the portal or app.

Nappy Entries

In childcare centres, nappy management is notorious. To make life easier, this feature lets educators track nappy categories and types and record who changed each child at what time.

Sleep Check Entries

To ensure our system is SIDS-safe, sleep check entries ensure educators check on babies every ten minutes. Follow up with a slumber-safe entry in the system.

Business Settings

Keep your business profile current. Update your portal cover photo, manage email templates and enter all your daily arrangements and activities online.

User Management

Build and manage an information profile about parents and educators using easy actions and views. Then, control the details using quick and easy filters.

Staff Reflections

This space is set up for educators to evaluate the programs, deciding what is being done well and identifying what might need to be improved. Link the reflection to a single program or a collection of programs.

Email & Activity Logs

Keep track of all activities that users enter site-wide. This central feature allows administrators to monitor all the emails sent from Kinder M8 to users.

Parent Login History

Track and follow which parents use the web portal and app as part of their every day. Go deeper into the data to see whether parents are consistently active.

Outcomes and Tags

Manage learning outcomes based on NQF standards and custom learning outcomes. Preloaded with EYLF & NQS learning outcomes, Kinder M8 allows the centres to customise this based on their requirements

Curriculum Reports

Generate program reports with a picture of all activities, children, rooms and EYLF/NQS elements. Clear, graphical reports taken from detailed analysis offer immediate and accurate information.

Manage Newsletter

Publish a newsletter for a particular room or your entire centre. Available via the web or app, keep parents in the loop and tell them what’s going on with this handy outreach tool.

Manage Calendar

This function lets educators schedule and share events for each room or the entire centre. Parents can keep track of all activities and upcoming events planned for their child and RSVP to events.

Notes to Parents

Send real-time notes and memos to parents about any events, outcomes or information. These notes are highly secure and confidential and can assist with communication.

Room Configure

This is the place to assist in arranging groups and classrooms in your centre. Work out the flow of people, assign multiple educators to each room and make your spaces work.

Configurable Milestone

Across the areas of physical, cognitive, social and emotional and language, educators can record developmental milestones in a completely customisable form.

Forms & Documents

A fast and effective means of adding and managing general forms and documents. Share documents with educators and parents via the portal and app.


Gone are the post-its and jot-down messages, go digital using our instant messaging system. Educators and room leaders can securely share notes with managers and parents.

Kiosk Check-In/Out

Streamline the sign-in and sign-out process at your centre with our highly efficient and organised digital system. Automate attendance records to eliminate the cumbersome paperwork surrounding the check-in process and free up admin time.

Staff Check-In

Editors can check-in to the centre in general, flag themselves in separate rooms, let you know when they’re on lunch break, as well as monitor any other movements. Record time spent in each room and activity and generate detailed reports for invoicing.

Manual Attendance

If staff or children aren’t recorded as present, this feature lets you manually add their attendance. This means that no detail will fall through the cracks on a day where sign-in/outs are missed or where the Kinder M8 Kiosk isn’t available.

Timesheet Reports

Create reports that detail sign-in/out and total weekly or monthly working hours which also include overtime. Generate generic monthly or weekly reports or base your reports on a particular date range, for a select few, or all staff.

Time Tracker

Time-specific reporting allows quick reference as to which educators and children are in each room at any time. This element is excellent in the event of an emergency, or to aid in an investigation. Make author reports under either a child or educator category.

Guardians & Pincodes

Sometimes drop offs and pick ups aren’t done by the usual people. Manage additionally approved guardians at drop off and pick up times by using a secure and straightforward 4-digit auto-generated pin code system.