Company - Kinder M8


Kinder m8 is an ‘End-to-End’ Childcare Management Platform built for Educators, Families and Centres. Our Cloud Based Solution, includes Kinder m8 Finance, CRM, Centres and Families and Workforce. Established in 2015, Kinder m8 has emerged as Australia’s Most Trusted Name in Childcare Software.

Benefit from our dedicated Onboarding and Customer Support Team (Online Chat, E-mail and Phone) as well as our commitment to reinvest back into the product.

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Mission – To Simplify Childcare Operations To Improve the Lives of Educators, Children and Families.

Vision – Our Vision Is To Build Products With a Personal Touch and Rich Functionality

Values –

  • Support Services: We prioritise customer satisfaction, offering reliable and empathetic support with timely solutions, while continuously improving our services.
  • Customer Focused: By placing customers first, we personalise experiences, actively seek feedback, and build long-term relationships. 
  • Product Lead Growth: Committed to innovation and quality, we provide scalable solutions that deliver measurable results for our clients.
  • Intuitive Design: Our user-centred, efficient, and accessible designs prioritise simplicity and consistency, enhancing the user experience.
  • Trusted: Rooted in integrity and transparency, we safeguard data security and privacy, delivering reliable solutions.


  • Founder/CEO Niroj Sri

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  • Head of Product Sanas R

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  • Head of Development Yas S

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  • Head of Partnerships Natalie S

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  • Customer Success Manager Rima D

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