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The Kinder m8 difference

If you could introduce a little assistance into your centre, would you?

Think of Kinder m8 as your support network. Our intelligent technology was created to assist your daily load – allowing for extra time to do what is most important and that is to nurture the children.

With a host of features designed with you in mind, allow us to provide a snapshot of the many benefits Kinder m8 can bring to your centre:

  • Paperless filing just became your very best friend! Designed to take care of your A-Z admin
  • Increased family engagement via a fun, interactive news feed in real-time
  • Daily Journals allow Educators to create activity reports that include photographs
  • Automated messaging for reviewing notes and reminders that need to be communicated with parents and managers easily
  • Observations carry a set of tools that allow Educators to record interactions and learnings

Plan ahead

Kinder m8’s Program Planning is our latest development and has just been rolled out to subscribed Centre’s this week.

Our Program Planning feature allows Educators to:

  • Create detailed curriculum plans ahead of time
  • Enter planned experiences and curriculum activities into a schedule for Observations, Daily Journals, Learning Stories, and Newsfeeds
  • Set up regular occurrences on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for a selected time frame
  • Customise the schedule
  • Share calendars with parents

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Charting their day…

Parents will always want to know their child’s activities of the day.
Has Ava slept, did she eat?

We understand what it means to keep parents up to date with their children’s daily happenings, which is why one of our most exciting features allows you to capture that information and communicate it with little Ava’s parents.

  • Increase parent confidence as they find comfort in knowing info that is relevant to their child’s health and well-being.
  • The eat/sleep/nappy change chart is your accountability and an excellent way of keeping all the information in one place.
  • Parents can access these charts from any device – anywhere, anytime