Elevating the early childhood experience

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Welcome to Kinder m8

Efficient, powerful technology at your fingertips. Kinder m8 was developed to create an effective stream of communication between Child Care Centre personnel and Parents.

Since launching our app, our team continues to work extremely hard on development in an effort to further assist many areas of the child care business. Just some of these solutions include..

  • Time Management Paperless admin and filing means quality time better spent with the children!
  • 24-hour access Everything you need is accessible – anytime you need it
  • Multi-device Access information from any device
  • Financial viability It’s the little things – admin times adds up! Once on board with Kinder m8, it’s easy to tally those hours you don’t spend on admin anymore to see how running costs are significantly reduced.


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More hands on time

Did you know that Kinder m8 houses exceptional features that literally grant you access to everything you need – right at your fingertips?

We all know how challenging and demanding running a centre can be so it’s pretty important to foster smooth, efficient processes. The most important efficiency in all businesses is time, and repetitive manual tasks like paper work can really impact on that! Enrollment, record-keeping, mealtime – it all adds up.

Kinder m8 has alleviated the pressure of your admin tasks, so you have more hands on time with the children. Imagine having the time away from your administrative tasks to share in their special moments!


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Making observations

It’s really important to parents to understand where their little ones are at all day and what they are up to!

Kinder m8 offers parents some amazing features, allowing them to engage like never before. Share every update and moment in real time including:

  • Mobile-app access for parents to access anywhere, anytime
  • Daily charts including meals, sleep times, nappy changes
  • Activity journals for parents to understand their child’s progress
  • A newsfeed to view and catch up on the day’s events